Shipping Time

We offer a free international shipping for all the orders except for South America, Central America and Africa.

For countries that belongs to South America/Central America and Africa the shipping costs are 10$ for order below 50$, free shipping over 50$ .

It could take some days before you can get your purchase, but in the end will be worth waiting. Below you can find all the estimated time per country.

Country of destination

estimated time 
United States  15 to 20 days


15 to 20 days
15 to 25 days
Russia  15 to 25 days
20 to 30 days
Japan 20 to 30 days
(Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, UK)
20 to 35 days
Israel 20 to 35 days
Rest of the world 35 to 50 days


Since our goods are shipped cross-border (suppliers are from China), please be aware that there may be additional duties and taxes that may applied. This will be the responsibility of the buyer to pay.